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New Member Requirements


This is not an application only a prerequisite to our rules.

1. New Members Minimum Requirementsı To Maintain Membership.

2. Must obtain either certificate for EMT or FF 1 within 24 months.

3. Must attend 10 training's, 3 of which must be live fire training's at county.

4. Will be on probation for a maximum of 2 years, A minimum of 1 year.

5. Must attend 6 department meetings.

6. Must attend and pass probationary department training's.

7. Must pass a scheduled physical until obtaining life membership after 20 years.

8. Must maintain points as defined in the departments point resolution.

9. Must take a squad night.

10. Must participate in a minimum of one committee.

While on duty you will be assigned various duties by a Chief or officer while waiting for alarms.


Ambulance only:__ Fire only:__ Fire and Ambulance:__

At the end of your first year you will be called to the Membership review board for a review.

At this time the Membership review board and the Chiefs office will review your records .. and determine if you have satisfied your probationary duties.

Failure to comply with any of the above requirements is grounds for dismissal as per the Chiefs office.

I_ ______________________________ have read and understand these rules and the consequences if I do not comply.


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